– Natural Scapes –

A Family Owned Company

We have provided high-quality, environmentally friendly landscaping services to the Western North Carolina mountain region since 1997.

Our canvas is the land. Our medium are plants, stone, pavers, water, wood, and more.  Though we consider our work an art form, we utilize practicality and function to everything we do with a property. All this has led us to focus on low maintenance designs. Which basically means proper plant selection for the site. Keeping in mind the hardiness of the plant the benefit – or purpose – of the plant to the property. The purpose could be screening, aesthetic value, fragrance, or even edibility and medicinal benefit.

Why choose Natural Scapes? So you can have a low maintenance yard that will give you year round interest.  Be unique to you and your lifestyle.  We make properties more accessible, more functional, and more aesthetically pleasing.

Our Philosophy

We believe in partnering with property owners to create a low-maintenance landscape that works in harmony with nature. Our extensive knowledge of outdoor living; stone work; low maintenance landscapes; water features; and drainage and rain collection systems allow you to enjoy a custom, low-maintenance landscape year-round.

Natural Scapes will work with you to design landscape projects that provide year-round colors and unique textures without the need for regular maintenance such as mowing, trimming, and chemical application. Our goal is to create a natural outdoor landscape that you can sit back and enjoy.

We offer low-maintenance landscape consultation, design, installation, and continued management. Our services include stonework, outdoor living, water features, drainage solutions, rain collection systems, and trail construction.

We Are Fully Insured